5 reasons you’ll love our Daily Face Moisturiser

5 reasons you’ll love our Daily Face Moisturiser

Haaave you met the newest addition to the STUFF for your face crew? It’s a Daily Face Moisturiser, and, if you don’t mind us saying – it’s pretty bloody good.

Here’s a few reasons why we reckon you’ll love it:

1. Simple: it’s good STUFF that works

We’re firm believers that skincare routines should be straightforward. So, when we developed our face moisturiser – we knew it needed to be a product that was easy to use and something that actually worked.

We tried and tested a few (read: a lot) of formulas until we found the perfect one. Didn’t think we’d release anything but the best moisturiser for those lush mugs of yours, did ya?

Basically, this STUFF helps to lock in the moisture that's already in your skin. And, it helps to replenish the moisture you lose on a daily basis, whether that's from a hot shower, cold wintry air, or the eight pints you knocked back on Saturday night.

2. It’s packed with goodies

Think of our face moisturiser as that trusty mate who brings out your best. Non-greasy and fast-absorbing, it’s packed with the best ingredients to help moisturise, hydrate and nourish the skin.

First up, aloe vera. Aloe is a great all-rounder, so it works overtime to deliver maximum hydration and treat any inflammation or irritation. FYI – a lack of moisture in the skin will not only dry you out, but it can also leave you with a red, angry face. So when it comes to calming your mug, aloe is the star of the show.

Then, we’ve got almond oil. This guy is packed with vitamin E and rich ant-oxidants and does the heavy-lifting to leave you with smooth, supple skin. It also contains softening properties to help recondition the complexion.

Finally, patchouli oil works to promote cell regeneration, calm the skin and uplift the spirit... because we are all about leaving you looking and feeling the goods.

3. It’s our Face Wash’s BFF

We already know how important it is to wash your face – our OG STUFF for your face wash has that bit covered. But why do the hard yards if you’re not going to follow it up with a big hit of hydration?

Our Face Mates Kit has you covered. Lock down your two-step refreshing face routine and you’ll sharpen up stat. We’ve made it easy – cleanse and rinse, then give yourself a little facial massage with our moisturiser to hydrate and nourish. Done and dusted. 

4. No nasties – no worries

Our STUFF is proudly vegan, cruelty-free and uses naturally derived ingredients, so you can feel fresh and smug at the same time. There’s also no nasties like parabens, so you can sleep easy knowing your mug is clean in more ways than one.

Plus, we’re doin’ our bit for the planet too. Our moisturiser tubes are made from recycled plastics, and you can keep the cycle spinning and recycle your tube once you’re all out.

P.S. Speaking of running out of STUFF… did you know you can subscribe to your fav products? We know y’all love value and convenience, so get acquainted with your postie and lock in regular STUFF drop offs. Ya welcome.

5. Helps to fund young men’s mental health

And, just like the order in which you ate your dinner, we’ve saved the best for last. Did ya know that sales of our STUFF help to fund young men’s mental health programs through our charity partner, The Man Cave?

For every $1000 in sales, STUFF sponsors one boy to experience one of The Man Cave’s life-changing programs. So, when you use STUFF – you’re doing more than just helping yourself smell good. You’re helping boys to become better men.

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