Switching to a natural deodorant 101

Switching to a natural deodorant 101

We know what you’re probably thinking: but, like, why are antiperspirants bad anyway? Why should I make the switch to a natural deodorant? I tried before and I stunk worse than Pepé Le Pew. Yep, we hear ya. But we’ve also got some facts on the ol’ spray in a can. We’ve also got some intel on what to expect when you make the switch, so you don’t freak out when your body does what it’s supposed to do. Hear us out!

Antiperspirants are packed with aluminium, which forms a barrier to stop you sweating. But this can clog your pores and irritate the skin in your pits. If you have sensitive skin then antiperspirants can cause redness and itchiness, which isn’t a good time.

The thing is, sweat doesn’t actually smell. It’s when it hits the bacteria in your pits that it gets stinky. Our STUFF for your pits is designed to neutralise that bacteria so you can sweat and not smell. And, that’s right, our natural deodorants don’t contain aluminium so they won’t irritate your pits.

Here’s a blow-by-blow account of what to expect when you switch to a natural deodorant. It’s an adjustment that won’t happen overnight, but your pits will thank you for it in a few weeks.

Week 1

You made the switch? Good job! Your pits will be adjusting to not using an antiperspirant. You might notice a bit more sweat and your smell might change too. Use STUFF for your pits after bathing.

Week 2

Yep, you’re probably pretty sweaty this week and you might notice your underarms are a bit ripe. But hang in there, your body is detoxing and your pits are getting used to not having that aluminium crap hanging around. Just take a shower and chill. You’ll be good.

Week 3

About now, the bacteria in your pits are stabilising and your sweat levels will be getting back to normal. Most of that aluminium should have kicked it too. We’re gettin’ somewhere! Good job.

Week 4

You’re detoxed mate! Sweat production should be back to normal and you should feel pretty comfortable gettin’ sweaty on the court or in the club, or both.

Check out STUFF for your pits, in either Spicy or Fresh aromas. Or have a crack at both!

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