Visionary Investor & Founder Paul Bassat on his Business Philosophy

Visionary Investor & Founder Paul Bassat on his Business Philosophy

Paul Bassat: Visionary Investor & Business Founder

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In this episode of “Real STUFF”, Hunter chats with one of Australia’s most prominent investors and business people, Paul Bassat.

Paul’s background is quite extraordinary and ranges from Co-Founder of one of Australia’s most successful online businesses ever, SEEK Limited, the biggest employment platform in the country which became an ASX top 100 listed company with a market cap of $4Bn, to being a commissioner of the AFL, to a board member of Wesfarmers, to being Co-Founder of Square Peg Capital – one of the most effective and successful VC firms in the country – holding more than $2.5bn under management.

Achievements aside, Paul is kind, genuine and full of energy and he and his family have been amazing supporters of STUFF and The Man Cave. Hunter is grateful to Paul for carving out the time to come on the Real STUFF podcast while travelling in Israel.

Hunter and Paul discuss a range of topics, from intergenerational trauma and post-traumatic growth, to managing mental health while being under immense pressure. Paul reflects on the generational shift in mental health awareness, and the power of being open and treating mental health like any other medical issue one might face.

The conversation moves onto business, with Paul elaborating on his role as a Venture Capitalist with Square Peg, and the strength of the startup ecosystem in Australia. Paul shares his enthusiasm for interacting with the next generation of Aussie Founders, and the shift towards a desire for businesses that are strongly linked to purpose, demonstrating innovative ways to tackle the broader challenges we face as a global community.

Paul’s outlook is optimistic - which is both refreshing and contagious - and this podcast is a great listen for those who are seeking an inspiring view of what’s possible when good ideas, good people and entrepreneurial rigour combine.

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