Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci on Unconscious Bias, Wellbeing & Authenticity

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci on Unconscious Bias, Wellbeing & Authenticity

Brad Banducci: the leader of Australia’s most trusted brand, Woolworths

Kicking off Season 2 of the Real STUFF podcast, Hunter Johnson is humbled to be in conversation with Woolworths CEO and Managing Director Brad Banducci, one of the most respected corporate leaders in the country. Their chat explores purpose, leadership, and well-being in business and in life.

An Italian-South African, Brad moved to Australia 30 years ago and while he now calls Sydney home, he maintains a strong connection with his birthplace not far from Johannesburg. 

Brad joined Woolies in 2011 and has held the top position since 2016. During this time he has steered the retail behemoth through a number of crises including COVID, and transformed the business to root the Woolworths culture around purpose - which has played a significant role in the economic success, healthy culture and customer loyalty of the organisation. 

Some of us have been quick to erase aspects of the pandemic from our memory, and it is poignant to hear the pride in Brad’s voice as he recalls his hardworking staff who became some of the nation’s frontline heroes, showing up each day to make sure we had all the food and essentials we needed.

In addition to being an undisputed titan of industry, Brad is incredibly self aware and shares his perspectives on conscious bias, the importance of diversity in good decision making, and how his daughters have played a role in shaping his views. He also spends his Saturdays travelling to suburbs like Blacktown, Penrith and Parramatta to ensure he has an authentic understanding of his customers and their needs. (How many other CEOs of ASX-listed companies could say the same?)

Brad demonstrates a genuine care and concern for the mental wellbeing of his workforce  - which numbers over 200,000 people - and opens up about suicide rates within the business and what is being done to support Woolworths employees. 

If you’re keen to know what it takes to be Australia’s #1 most trusted brand, listen in to Brad Banducci lift the lid in his chat with Hunter Johnson on Real STUFF.

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