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Switching to a natural deodorant 101
We know what you’re probably thinking: but, like, why are antiperspirants bad anyway? Why should I make the switch to a natural deodorant? I tried before and I stunk worse than Pepé Le Pew. Yep, we hear ya. But we’ve...
What does it mean to be a man?
When preparing for this "Asking for a Mate" series, we asked teenage boys from The Man Cave's workshops what they'd like to open up about, or what they wish was talked about more. "What does it mean to be a...
5 reasons you’ll love our Daily Face Moisturiser
Haaave you met the newest addition to the STUFF for your face crew? It’s a Daily Face Moisturiser, and, if you don’t mind us saying – it’s pretty bloody good. Here’s a few reasons why we reckon you’ll love it:...
What’s your journey with sex been like?
In this episode of our Asking for a Mate series, we’re gettin’ juicy. We asked our pals, Luther and Andrew from The Man Cave about sex and the pressures that can come with it – especially as a dude. Check it...
Father's Day Dadications

There’s no one way to dad and for Father’s Day 2021, we’re shining the light on four Aussie legends and their stories of becoming, being and managing dad-hood.

Have you ever been caught masturbating?
And why not ease into this new video series with one of life’s most uncomfortable scenarios? 
Three reasons why you should wash your face
Uhh, really? You need three whole reasons to wash your face? There should only be one reason: to keep it clean. Come on, man. Take some pride in your appearance. Or some pride in basic hygiene, rather. Still need convincing?...
On sex, talk to men, not about them
Read STUFF founder, Hunter Johnson's opinion piece around our current debate on consent, equality and misogyny. This was originally published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.
Important stuff: consent

To help shed light on the important topic of consent, we've called on social commentator, Isabelle Silbery, to write a powerful piece. Speaking from her own personal experience, Isabelle talks about where we've been in education, where we are now, and where we need to be.

Watch: STUFF Legend, Dyson Heppell
See the AFL superstar and Essendon Captain go head-to-head with his brother, Aaron, in round one of our spicy interview series.
I used to love partying but now I hate going out

Mental health expert, Jono Nicholas, breaks it down for us and provides practical tips and tricks for managing this super-common issue.

Meet STUFF Legend, Chantelle Otten
This award-winning Sexologist is on a one-woman mission to normalise conversations around sex. We think that's the true stuff of legends.
Riding the shroom boom
Will LifeCykel’s liquid mushroom extracts change your life? Yeah, nah. But then again, maybe?
Meet STUFF Legend, Moe Aloha
Meditation, emotional hygiene and the recipe for being a great mate. We think this legendary DJ and The Man Cave facilitator puts the Moe in modern man.
I'm not ready to be a dad
But it’s completely understandable to feel like you’re not “ready” - you’re not first and you certainly won’t be the last.
I'm not getting as many erections as I used to
You spend your teenage years praying that you won’t get a boner in public, then before you know it, you’re dreaming of someone pointing and laughing at your awkward erection just so you know that it still exists.
Is mindfulness for dickheads?

Short answer - no. Long answer - also no. Hear me out.

Is eating too much meat giving me bad B.O.?

Hard to tell without knowing how much exactly a “tonne of meat” is, but there’s a few schools of thought.

I'm addicted to porn
Pornography is something that many young people turn to for education about eroticism. However, it’s not meant to educate, it’s meant to entertain.


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