BTS with Ability Works

BTS with Ability Works

It’s been a privilege to partner with Ability Works over the past few months on the assembly, packing and shipping of more than 10,000 STUFF™️ Holidays gift kits. Ability Works is a social impact organisation offering meaningful employment across a number of business units to those who would otherwise face barriers to traditional employment. We love working with purpose-led organisations like Ability Works and Man Cave whenever possible. 

Ability Works believes everyone should have the opportunity to secure a job. A job with Ability Works is more than just income, it is a chance to create a circle of friends, have a sense of belonging, and something to look forward to each day – all within a structured and supportive environment. 

STUFF™️’s experience with Ability Works could not have been more positive - they are impressive problem-solvers (no challenge was too big or small, and we had a fair few finicky requests), had incredible attention to detail, and completed our project on time, within budget, and with excellent communication.

STUFF™️ would not be in stores or have a festive campaign without their amazing team. Check them out in action on the production line below.

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