Real STUFF with Hunter Johnson

Real STUFF is a fresh new podcast by Hunter Johnson, Founder and CEO of two organisations redefining masculinity; The Man Cave, and STUFF™

Breaking open the ‘real man’ stereotype by talking about ‘Real STUFF.’

Real STUFF is a fresh new podcast by Hunter Johnson, Founder and CEO of two organisations redefining masculinity; The Man Cave, and
STUFF™. As the world changes and power jostles for position behind purpose, masculinity as we know it has reached an inflection point. The typecast REAL man is not working for the planet, not working for communities and families, and it’s not working for men.

Hunter is no stranger to initiating vulnerable conversations. He has spent significant time in the ring when it comes to emotions, having worked with over 20,000 young men across Australia through The Man Cave Programs. With suicide being the leading cause of death for men under 45, and one woman murdered by her intimate partner every week in Australia, can talking about what’s really going on for men break the cycle? Hunter believes it can.

Real STUFF brings wisdom to the wisecracks, and checkmate to the chat… although there’s no shortage of banter in the fortnightly episodes.

Stu Gregor

In this episode of “Real STUFF”, Hunter sits down with Australian success story, Stu Gregor. Stu is the co-founder of Four Pillars Gin which he scaled to become a phenomenal success and household name, which led to its recent acquisition by Lion. 

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Paul Bassat

In this episode of “Real STUFF”, Hunter chats with the Founder of SEEK, and Square Peg Capital; Paul Bassat, a Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Founder & supporter of both STUFF and The Man Cave.

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Dr Arne Rubinstein

In this week’s episode of "Real STUFF” our host Hunter Johnson sits down with Founder of the Rites of Passage Institute, Dr Arne Rubinstein, an internationally recognised expert on rites of passage and adolescent development. A GP, author, social commentator - and a longtime mentor to Hunter.

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Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

Our host Hunter Johnson sits down with the highly sought-after contemporary artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran at the Sydney Opera House. During the podcast, Hunter and Ramesh explore various themes related to art, identity, and cultural values - and also high performance, and what it takes to succeed in the art world.

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Brad Banducci

Kicking off Season 2 of the Real STUFF podcast, Hunter Johnson is humbled to be in conversation with Woolworths CEO and Managing Director Brad Banducci, one of the most respected corporate leaders in the country. Their chat explores purpose, leadership, and well-being in business and in life.

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Michael Schneider

In this special Father’s Day episode, Hunter interviews Michael Schneider, Managing Director of one of Australia’s most iconic retailers, Bunnings. As well as his role at Bunnings leading a team of 56,000 people, Mike is the father of two young men. Mike opens up about the lessons learned from his own father, his mental health journey, and the importance of authenticity and compassion in life and leadership.

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Michael Hooper

Hunter sits down with the legendary Michael Hooper, an Australian professional rugby union player and captain of the Wallabies – the Australian national team. This chat covers topics like Michael’s biggest lessons in leadership, the power of asking for help, managing mental health and rites of passage. They also discuss their experiences with hard times, the pressures that come with being a role model and explore Michael’s newest journey – fatherhood.

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Holly Ransom

This episode sees Hunter interviewing the interviewer extraordinaire, Holly Ransom. Author of The Leading Edge, CEO of Emergent, and Harvard Kennedy School graduate, Holly has sat down with the likes of Barack Obama, Billie Jean King and Julia Gillard. Here she opens up about generational divides, harmful stereotypes, and what it takes to maintain a peak mental state as a young person in today’s world.

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Yasmin Poole

Hunter covers bold new territory in this episode with youth advocate, Rhodes Scholar, and feminist Yasmin Poole. What is feminism and how can men play a role? How do we check our own behaviour to help others belong? Yasmin sees feminism as an inclusive term, allowing all of us to challenge our understanding of discrimination and privilege.

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Client Liaison

Episode 5 puts creativity, mental health and transcendental experiences on the agenda this week with Monte Morgan, better recognised as one half of cult pop duo Client Liaison. Get ready to unpack a swag of good stuff including how to get in the flow of creative inspiration, why Prince-fandom is not the end game, and how a wellbeing journal could save you from yourself. 

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James O'Connor

James O’Connor has experienced more adrenaline rushes than most. This conversation tears through assumptions about masculinity and what it takes to walk the hero's journey. Mental health, intuition, drug abuse, and healthy relationships are all on the table in this episode.

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List Cloggers

Dyl Buckley and Dan Gorringe of List Cloggers fame are well adept at shooting rapid-fire banter and self-effacing quips down the mic, and are the first to step up and support causes like The Man Cave. In this chat, Hunter goes deep into how these footy legends support each other and their own mental health… and frankly we all get a bit choked up.

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Tom Harkin

Hunter digs into the transformation of masculinity with one of the leaders of the movement, Tom Harkin, founder of Tomorrow Man. The mutual respect between Hunter and Tom allows a cut-to-the-chase deep dive into the journey to manhood in all its beauty, bravery and bullshit.

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Dyson Heppell

In this chat with the iconic Bombers captain Dyson Heppell, we discuss club culture, keeping perspective and not letting fame go to your head (with or without dreads). A corker for anyone wanting to understand what high performance looks like when it comes to competing in elite teams.

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