Four Pillars Founder | Stu Gregor | Fatherhood and Business

Four Pillars Founder | Stu Gregor | Fatherhood and Business

Stu Gregor: Four Pillars Gin co-founder

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In this episode of “Real STUFF”, Hunter sits down with Australian success story, Stu Gregor. Stu is the co-founder of Four Pillars Gin which he scaled to become a phenomenal success and household name, which led to its recent acquisition by Lion. 

Stu chats through the story behind the brand, how he juggled a fast-paced business and being a father of two, as well as the powerful rise of women in sport and leadership.

Following a multi-decade career leading a PR firm and working on many leading food and drinks brands, Stu co-founded Four Pillars in 2013. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength, eventually becoming Australia’s #1 craft spirit and the winner of Global Gin of the Year (twice!).

Stu is one of Australia's best-loved raconteurs (and drinkers!), but success aside, he is a hilarious, genuine and captivating guest. Stu shares an inspiring and honest outlook on what’s required to grow a business - which is both refreshing and insightful - and this podcast is a great listen for those who are looking for a window into Stu’s philosophies and modus operandi.

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